Welcome to the Blog of Bonarroz, International Rice Gourmet Image of Valencia.

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A vision of the paella and the Mediterranean Cuisine from Valencia and from other corners of the world.

Our commercial development as high-quality rice producers makes us travel the world and make contact with other cultures, suppliers, gastronomy experts, cuisine lovers and clients in general.  From this blog, we want to reflect these enriching experiences that we live at Arrocerías Antonio Tomás.

We occasionally become ambassadors of the PAELLA and our Valencian culture, which always fills us with pride and joy. And we will never tire of repeating everywhere we go the way to cook our traditional dishes and know how to differentiate the quality and the suitability of each rice variety. Kilometre after kilometre, country by country there are countless people who surrender to a good Valencian Paella, black rice or ‘a banda’ rice. We have also made great friendships all over the world, and we are happy to find people who love rice the same as we do.

From here, we wish to spread the rice culture, from where the true paella is produced and made. Because we understand and are convinced that it is essential to previously know our culture to be able to cook our dishes.

Also on this blog we want to share experiences and become a meeting point for the lovers of the good Mediterranean cuisine.

We hope that you like the contents, that we can surprise you and that the contents and information we provide are of your interest. Thanks and regards.

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